Assembling directly into Insulation

This fixing for external insulation facades is a low-cost solution to small and light plants such as clematis, winter Jasmine or annual plants. The areas next to doorways or between windows can very easily be greened up. This fixing can be used with rigid insulation panels such as styrofoam, hard foam or softwood panels but not for loose insulation like mineral wool.

Max weight and price

These fixings have a limited carrying capacity and should only be used for the most delicate and light climbing plants. The distance to the wall is only 4 cm. The height of the plant should be limited to 4 meters to ensure safety.

Suitable wall mounts

FassadenGrün offers the cable rope fixing WH 08555; steel grid fixing GH 08555 and the wood trellis anchor AS 08555 for insulation panels that are at least 10 cm thick. The cables are only very lightly clamped so that they may slip out of the anchor if the weight is too heavy to avoid damading the external insulation.

As an alternative; any eyelet screw such as the WH 06061 may be used with an insulation plug and an elastic rope. Please write us if you would like to use elastic rope.

Assembly and Maintenance

Installation is easy and may be carried out by any handyman. The trellis must be protected against vandalisme and excessive weight overloads.