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Ladder Formed Trellises

Ladder formed trellises are the second topic discussed in FassadenGrün's area special systems. In comparison to classic structures, these trellises have more horizontal laths than vertical ones. These trellises are seldom chosen, because of the "ladder effect" (burglary). With help of the following examples, you will eventually be able to plan and build these trellises yourself. We supply the fastening technology.

Wooden trellis with climbing roses, Goethes secondary residence in Weimar / Thüringia

Cross bars and Laths?

The classic differentiation between lath and cross bar are turned around here. The vertical wood elements are fixated into the wall or surface and closer to the wall. The horizontal "laths" are screwed to the vertical elements and form ladders. For grapevines, set the laths 25 - 30 cm apart. For espalier fruit and roses 30 - 50 cm. The details talked about in another area are decisive for these trellises. Please also note what we write on the respective product sheet and in the area "Trellis holders".

Characteristics of ladder formed trellises

These trellises emphasise the width of a building, not the height. Sometimes they are used for that design reason. They are practical for climbing plants such as grapevines, whose shoots work their way up step by step like with wire frames. The same counts for roses that flower better when the shoot are lead horizontally. These trellises can have protruding laths or a closed frame. By slanting the vertical axes you take a step towards "Fan trellises".

"Ladder formed" trellises on a house, Göhren / Rügen / Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
Trellis with Aristolochia tomentosa (Dutchman's Pipe)

Photo Gallery

Here are further examples of ladder trellises. Sometimes they resemble the square grid trellises and sometimes they are ruins of old trellises.

Small Trellis
White trellis
Small ladder trellis for climbing roses
Small wooden trellis
Growth element made of wood for espalier apple
Two pear trellises in autumn
Two ladder trellises for Thicket creeper
Wall trellis for Roses
Old "Stair-trellis", Meßen / Saxony
Trellis for grapes - here the trellis facing the street matches the façades grooves. Liszt house in Weimar / Thuringia
The same trellis as before only in winter. Grapevines trained as a horizontal cordon with several vertical branches.
Old house wine in Eisenberg / Thuringia
Ruins of an old trellis, Grimma / Saxony
Old trellising for grapevines
South side with grapevines, Goethe's garden house in Weimar / Thuringia
Trellis as an element of design on a façade, Jena Thuringia
Trellis with thick wood profiles on a garage