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The Square-Grid ("Chequerboard") Wooden Trellis

As alternatives to the classic wooden trellis, there are a variety of other shapes. The most common is the square grid-- the 'chequer-board or 'chess board.' For this classification, the fields only have to be roughly, not perfectly, square. The following examples are here to help you plan and build your own trellis. We have all the trellis fittings/mounts needed for assembly.

Wooden growing aid for grapevine
Wooden growing aid for grapevine


These trellises can be designed as closed frames or with extended/protruding laths. They appear lighter and less dense than the classic wooden trellis. The greater distance between elements also means that climbing plants have less "grip", making them harder to train. Take this into account when planning.

Crossbeams and Vertical Laths?

The classic differentiation between vertical laths and horizontal beams ('crossbeams') is not really relevant here, and all wooden parts will be of the same thickness. Either vertical or horizontal wood elements can be attached to the facade. Whichever you choose (vertical or horizontal)- is then closer to the wall. Other details become decisive for these trellises. Please also note the information on the respective product sheets as well as the information under the "Attachment" section.

Trellis with thicket creeper (woodbine - Parthenocissus inserta)
Trellises with a square grid, Naumburg / Saxony-Anhalt
Tips on how to build a trellis yourself
Large wooden trellis on a facade

Simple 'chequerboard' trellises

View some further examples here... (click on photos to enlarge)

Trellis made of wood without frame, so, with protruding laths.
Small trellis with protruding laths
An easy do-it-yourself: Small trellis for grapevines, winter photo.
Trellis or Peach, with slight lath protrusion
Trellis for grapevine with slightly protruding laths
Trellis with closed frame (without lath protrusion)
Two rose trellises
These trellises are the transition to the so called "ladder forms"

Complex trellises with square grids

Here is a collection of slightly more complicated trellises, some of which already tend towards the characteristics of "ladder trellises" or "Treillages."

Trellis on a half-timbered house
Grapevine espalier on a house wall
Winemaker's house in Sörnewitz / Saxony
Large trellis made of wood for grapevines, see photos above. Naumburg / Saxony-Anhalt
New trellis for grapevines, anchors from FassadenGrün.
New trellis made of wood, divided into three separate fields
Trellis on an externally insulated facade with special mount AS 12XX8 from FassadenGrünassadengrün
Large trellis for roses
Square grid for grapes
Lattice for roses
Trellis with additional vertical laths
Large rose trellis made of wood
Wall trellis as a fall protection for climbing plants, Virginia creeper in winter
Wooden trellis without protruding laths
Wooden espalier for a grapevine above an arch, winter photo
Trellis made of wood for roses
Large white trellis, Stuttgart / Baden-Wuerttemberg
High trellises made of wood
High greening with silver fleece vine
These trellises are the transition to artistic treillages
Trellis in a "garden city," Jena / Thuringia
Winter pruning on a gigantic wooden trellis with grapevines. State vineyard castle Wackerbarth Radebeul / Saxony
Modern decorative trellis as a façade structure. No planting planed. Freiberg / Saxony