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Extravagant trellises

Amongst all of the special trellises, there are always extravagant trellises that emerge by combining the different designs. To give you some ideas and suggestions for your own projects, FassadenGrün presents some of the more original trellises on this page. The assessment of these unique trellises remains a matter of taste.

Extravagant wooden growing aid, unusual form of the lattices; grapevine in winter
Extravagant trellis in Chemnitz / Saxony
Fancy trellis construction, Meißen / Saxony

Picture Gallery

Here are further examples of unorthodox trellises.

Here - for whatever reason - only vertical laths were used for grapevines, Jena Thuringia
Two very individual trellises
Self made trellis with individual design
A unique trellis
Trellis wall with a rare design, climbing rose under development
Trellis for Thicket Creeper (P. inserta) in Niederau / Saxony
Trellis with special design
Trellis with slanted laths
Trellis for different plants
Large trellis with individual design, Dresden / Saxony