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Fan Form Trellises

Fans are one of several special forms in the trellis area that were especially popular in the second half of the 20th century, at least in East Germany. The trellises emphasise the natural growth of climbing plants on façades, are often nostalgic, but not always professional looking. However, they are quite suited for individual or group arrangements on windowless façade.

Several trellis grids for roses

Fundamental Design Questions

If a façade is characterised by vertical and horizontal lines (for example window edges), it is reasonable that trellises of all forms are subordinate to this design principle and complement it. Fan trellises with their slanted and crooked lines can appear disruptive. Regardless of the form principle, it is up to the owner whether or not he/she favours a fan form.

Also for fan trellises, vertical or horizontal axes can dominate. Then , they resemble classic or ladder trellises.

Fan trellises with Thicket creeper
Small trellis for roses

Photo Gallery

Here are further examples of trellises in fan from.

Small fan form trellis
GDR trellis
Small fan trellis
Fall protection and climbing aid for English Ivy
Wooden trellis for climbing roses
Trellis on a Gable
large wall trellis made of wood
Small rose trellis in ladder form, spa garden Bad Sulza / Thuringia
Two trellises in fan form, Putbus / Rügen / Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
Two trellises as "round fans"
Two rose trellises
Three trellises in ladder from
Three trellises for grapevines
Plant trellis on a façade