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Sieve Sleeve, SD 16085 / SD16130

Siebhülse bzw. Siebdübel

Product sheet

Description / Price

Perforated special wall anchors ('sieve sleeve') made of plastic with adjustment cap, outer diameter 15 mm. Two lengths:

  • SD 16085, l = 85 mm - Price

  • SD 16130, l = 130 mm - Price



For non spreading anchoring wall supporting the WH and WM series with an 8-to 12 threaded shaft in hollow masonry, perforated bricks such as Poroton etc., always in conjunction with composite mortar. Version SD 16130 especially with 12 mm shaft diameter. Please use, if necessary, the general information on the anchor technology.



Please take note of the sheet about Drilling! Bore 16 mm, circa 10 mm deeper than anchor length. Blow out drill hole / brush out. Insert sieve flushly, put on adjustment cap.  Glue 12 mm shafts without adjustment cap.  Prepare all dowel holes when there are several holes, to prevent interruptions when pressing the mortar.  Put the sieve tubes into the cleaned holes and then almost fully fill with mortar, then insert the shank of the respective component with helically rotary motion and if necessary  adjust.  The mortar displaced by pushing through the perforation causes a bonding of the system in the cavities of the wall during the curing.  The adjustment cap prevents a pressing out of the mortar to the front and adjusted the position of the threaded shank.  In some cases, an additional stabilization may be necessary.

Verklebung mit Siebhülse
A glued in metric bolt with sieve sleeve SD 16085 in hollow brick masonry (model photo)
Justierkappe eines Siebdübels
Detachable adjustment cap