Insert Nut (Screw-in Wall Plug) ED 01060

Product Sheet

Description / Price

"Rampamuffe" -- a large insert nut (fitting) / screw-in steel plug / wall anchor for heavy-duty mounting, zinc-plated, internal ('female') thread M10 (blind hole) 15 mm long, external wood thread 18 mm diameter, total length 60 mm. >>> Price



For special mountings with M10 threads. With this insert nut, the fastening is always done into the solid wood of the respective supports, framework-truss 'shafts', thresholds, etc.. The fastening makes permanently high loads possible. Please refer as needed to our general information on rawl plug (dowel) / anchor technology.



For optimum mounting, the middle areas of each wooden support should be drilled and the insert nuts screwed in there. Avoid fastening into edge areas whenever possible. When drilling into wood at load-bearing intersection-points, there is a danger that the wooden connecting rivet will be drilled through, impairing its functionality and compromising its load-capacity. The exposed solid wood is drilled 15-16 mm (for softwood) or 17 mm (for hardwood such as oak) and about 65 mm deep for screwing in the threaded fitting. The fitting is then screwed in as far as possible with the special tool (please enquire if necessary) and with your slowly rotating drill... if possible, without deviation from the thread axis. 



Made in Germany (Schleswig Holstein)