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Wall Plugs and Dowels from FassadenGrün

All pre-assembled kits included wall anchors / plugs, which may be inserted into common building materials such as concrete or masonry. Special cases are dealt with in 'Wall Types'. Here, on this page you will learn why specific anchors were chosen and what special solutions there are. If then you do not need anchors in kits, eg. for mounting in solid wood - please write a note, your invoice amount would be reduced. >>> Price list

Historic Wall Anchor Technology

The forerunner of today's plugs were soft, tubular parts, and are just a century old. In even earlier times trellises made of wood or wire were anchored in 2 ways: either were massive iron anchors cemented into the wall or.... tapered, more rearward holes were 'braced' into the wall, into which a well shaped piece of hardwood as 'anchors' were cemented or was put in plaster. Into these wood anchors then went screws, grommets or nails which could be attached.

Specifications for wall plugs with greening aids

Holders for tensioned wire ropes are particularly subject to bending, less than 'stretching'. Our anchor selection reflects this: The trend is long anchors with a collar that are preferred, which enable a deep anchoring and in front provide a guide against bowing.  In addition to static requirements, it is also about the drill hole completion, especially with plaster walls. Again, an anchor with front reinforcement or 'collar' has an advantage because they lead to out cantilevered threaded shank better and thereby prevent load-induced movements and flaking plaster on.

Easy and 'Eco' kits: all purpose fixing

From the large number of commercially available plastic anchors especially 'garden shed anchors'- DH 10065 have worked well for our Easy kits. The powerful bonding together of much with the kit... a collar prevents it slipping deeper during assembly, guides and holds the eyelets screwed in even with heavy load, and closes the hole nicely. Due to its rectangular geometry and the claw rows insertion has good initial tack, that is, the anchor will not twist during screwing. In special cases, it is available in different sizes.

Light and 'Premium' kits Spiral Plug

"Spiral plugs" are anchors used in our Light kits as well as for medium 'Premium', but are not separately available in the range. Your soft wall material allows screwing in metric threads.

Medium kits 'Classic': parallel expansion fixing

Anchors for medium kits "Classic" can be braced against the wall in order to achieve a support, thereby increasing bending stiffness. Because of this bias produces high drag that require a secure and deep anchorage. For this  the anchor DL ​​12090 was founded, the unusually long dowel technology enables the construction of high anchoring forces over the entire length of anchor.

Heavy kits: composite mortar

The 'cementing' of holders with composite mortar VM 00300 is an inexpensive alternative and is used in 'heavy kits.' At winter, special winter mortar is available. In addition, in hollow masonry the composite mortar anchor sleeves SD 16130 are needed.

Important: cemented bonds are 'non-detachable connections'. In the case of removal from the wall you must separate by angle grinder, or saw them off.

Massive Assemblies: Heavy-duty anchor

These patented anchors for massive kits are not sold separately, but already mounted on the spacers. With them the holders are very easy to install, and unlike a bonding with composite mortar, the anchor can optionally also be released again.

Concrete garages and granite: Brass plug

For thin concrete walls like in concrete garages and for some special cases such as eyebolt in granite brass plug DM 10030 can be used in different sizes.

Panel building materials: hollow wall anchors

For tricky mounting in wall shells and plates sometimes hollow wall anchors HD 06050 and HD 08050 are used so that you can use either Light or a 'Premium' kit. Other hollow wall anchors such as DK 08050 then disappear from the assortment.

Other special anchors

For the direct mounting in insulation is still DD 00085 advisable, and for special cases short anchor sleeves are sometimes used. More special plugs like the toggle bolt KD 10080 and the insert nut ED 01060 hardly have relations to our holder assortment, but continue to be offered for our regular customers.

From top to bottom: collar anchors DK 10065, long fixings DL 12090, brass plug DM 10030, Heavy-duty anchor for WM 12153 and perforated sleeve SD 16130
Fixings: Selection of dowels ans plugs
Historic Anchor adherence: Cemented holder of flat iron, grow wires for espalier fruit in an old kitchen garden
Historic plug-technique in Eutin / Schleswig-Holstein
Wall anchors of different periods at a historic plaster wall.
Hirstoric wall plug in Klosterbuch / Saxony
Growth wire of vine with eyelet and historical plastic anchors, about 1930.
Burgscheidungen / Saxony-Anhalt
DK 10065schaffen einen guten Bohrlochabschluss
All purpose fixings for wire ropes