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Long Plug / Parallel Expansion Fixing, DL 12090

Parallel expansion/spreading fixing, DL 12090

Product Sheet

Description / Price

Newly developed Parallel Expansion Anchor (rawl plug) made of high-quality nylon (polyamide). German brand TOX PSD-SL, 90 mm length, 12 mm diameter, with collar, slotted neck, staggered expansion body and rotary wing lock, colour: red, durable weather- and UV-resistant. The upper of the two anchors shown corresponds to DL 12090.  >>> Price



Due to its excellent properties, these long anchors are the favored fixing/anchor for Medium Classic Kits. For all types of masonry from concrete to light hollow brick (such as 'Poroton', 'Eder', etc.). High holding values ​​in difficult surfaces (such as aerated concrete, perforated brick, hollow brick, rubble, mixed masonry, wall joints and other problematic substrates in the renovation of old buildings. Not suitable for panel materials and cladding. Also not for heights above 5 (8) m, 'diagonal pulll' or axial load as with System 0040. There, always bond with bonding mortar.

The unusual length makes it possible to build up high anchoring forces over the entire length of the anchor. The double-slotted neck ensures a gentle dissipation of the spreading force in the outer (plaster) layer of the building material due to its flexible adaptation to the borehole wall... this prevents spalling and cracking. The collar prevents the anchor from shifting/dropping lower during installation, and closes the hole, while the rear-mounted rotary wing lock prevents the anchor from turning in the hole. Please refer as needed to the general information on anchor technology/technique.


Recommended Tools

For exact anchor holes: use hammer drill bit HB 44444. Alternatively, use a concrete drill bit, an inexpensive masonry bit or a normal universal drill bit. Selection is also dependent on the type of wall.



Please refer to the instructions we've provided on drilling. Drill a 12 mm hole, about 100 mm deep, brush / blow out, insert dowels, or slightly strike



Made in Germany (Baden-Württemberg), Company "TOX"

Parallel expansion fixing in hollow brick
Parallel spreading dowel in massive stone
The TOX-Parallel spreading (expansion) anchor already captured the hearts of many handymen shortly after its launch
Premium dowel TOX PSD