Hobby - Manual Blow-out Pump, AB 00000

Product Sheet

Description / Price

Hand-operated air pump for drill holes in hobby-quality, black. The nozzle is in the handle; it has to be loosened and put on the front. Can also be used as a ball or mattress pump with the second (needle) nozzle.  >>> Price



For cleaning out drill holes (manually), ideally used together with the borehole brush. With plastic rawl plugs (anchors) as well as for bondings in solid and hollow brick, cleaned drill holes are the prerequisite for optimum adhesion. If mounting into a dirty drill hole, the wall holding values ​​drop to 50% and below.

Please refer as needed to our section on tools. (general information and tools available).



Be mindful of choosing work clothing and a posture that works for you when blowing dust! If necessary, wear goggles and a face mask. First extend the pump valve/tappet of the air pump to its full length before inserting the nozzle into the hole. Then blow out the drilled hole by pushing on the valve/tappet.



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