Insulation Fixing, DD 00055 / DD 00085

Product Sheet

Description / Price

Special plug/anchor made of polyamide for particularly strong wood thread (6 - 10 mm), brand name TOX ISOL. For plastered pressure-resistant insulating materials, such as wood fibre insulating boards, PUR rigid foam, XPS rigid foam, and to a certain extent, polystyrene (EPS rigid foam-- see below). Tight fit due to controlled compression of the insulation during the insertion process, patented incision design.

Recommended max. tension and transverse load in XPS: 3 - 5 kg (0.03 to 0.05 kN). Compared with other insulation anchors, can absorb especially high transverse forces due to its sturdy construction.

  • DD 00055, l = 50 mm, for insulation up to 6 cm thick - Price

  • DD 00085, l = 83 mm, for insulation at least 8 cm thick - Price



For very light fixtures on walls with external insulation (EIFS): door signs, letterboxes, outdoor lights, and holders of downspouts (drainpipes), for example. Here used for trellises in conjunction with eyebolt WH 06061 and elastic band RL 06000. Please refer as needed to our general information on anchor technology.



Due to the low load-bearing capacity, please only use this insulation anchor in the specified (or similar) component combinations. The smaller anchor DD 00055 is used for insulation thickness 6 cm or less. Otherwise, use DD 00085.


Only pre-drill a little with a drill bit d = 5-8 mm; then drill a depth of about 3-10 mm with a bit d = 14 to penetrate the plaster layer. Never drill deeper than the plaster layer is thick! Then screw in the insulation anchor/plug with a 12 mm hex (Allen) wrench, a wide screwdriver or similar until the anchor cap rests on the plaster. Then screw the prepared wall brackets, screws, or similar into the anchors/plugs. In the case of very soft insulating material, such as polystyrene, screw the wall brackets/screws into the anchor beforehand and then fasten both together in the insulation. 


Special Features 

Not suitable for mineral wool insulation. Conditionally suitable for polystyrene if the screw thread is not thicker than 6 mm and the screw is only screwed into the anchor about 1-2 cm after insertion. If necessary, the screw length may have to be measured/adjusted accordingly. If screwed too strong or if the screws are too long, the comparatively soft insulating material will result in further twisting of the insulating anchor (a 'spin') and loss of holding capacity in the foam. 



Made in Germany by TOX (Baden-Württemberg)