Cavity Fixing (Wall Anchor) M8 or M6, DK 08050 / DK 06050

Product Sheet

Description / Price

Cavity anchor (hollow body dowel): a special wall plug made of galvanized steel, internal thread with the respective metric thread size, collar and adjustment claws:

  • DK 06065, l = 65 mm, M 6, for panels 18 - 30 mm - Price

  • DK 08050, l = 50 mm, M 8, for panels 10 - 21 mm - Price



For mounting trellis fittings WM 06030, and WM 08080 with compression-resistant (rigid) panel building materials such as wood cladding (and similar substrates with a hollow body at the back); for panel thicknesses of 10 to 21 mm (M8) or 18 - 30 mm (M6), for light loads. We have replaced this product with the hollow wall toggle anchor (with loop). Please also see our general information on dowels and wall plugs.



Make sure that the depth of the cavity (hole) is sufficient to allow the anchor to be screwed in deeply enough.

The actual mounting of the cavity anchor takes place after the plug (dowel) is inserted and splayed (expanded): drill a 13 mm diameter hole and insert the plug flush with the surface so that the two adjustment claws grip the wall (Fig. 01). Splaying (expansion) goes quickly with expansion pliers, but they are not needed. You can also simply follow the picture sequence: insert supplied metric hexagon head screw / washer into the plug and screw in until no further turning by hand is possible. Then with an open-end wrench, press the plug firmly against the substrate (wall) via the washer so that the adjustment claws remain fixed (Fig. 02). Then screw it in gently (tighten carefully with the wrench). After one turn, the expansion has started (Fig. 03): screw until the resistance is very strong -- the plug should then be sufficiently spread (Fig. 04). Unscrew the screw; insert the actual anchor and screw until it is in contact with the wall (if necessary with additional sealing). After 1 to 2 more turns, the anchor and the plug are now securely fixed in the wall (image 05).


Special Features

The galvanized anchor must be permanently protected against water penetration (corrosion). Please refer to the product sheets to find out whether your selected wall mount includes a sealing washer (gasket) or whether this must be ordered additionally.