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Sieve Sleeve, SD 16085 / SD16130

Sieve Sleeve, SD 16085 / SD16130

Product Sheet

Description / Price

Perforated special wall plugs/anchors ("sieve sleeve") made of plastic with adjustment cap, outer diameter 15 mm. Two lengths:

  • SD 16085, l = 85 mm - Price

  • SD 16130, l = 130 mm - Price



For expansion-free anchoring of wall brackets (of the WH and WM series) with an 8 - 12 mm threaded shaft in hollow masonry, vertically-perforated bricks such as Poroton etc., always in combination with composite mortar. Version SD 16130 especially with 12 mm shaft diameter. Please refer as needed to our general information on anchor technology.



If necessary, refer to our instructions on drilling! Drill 16 mm, about 10 mm deeper than anchor length. Blow out / brush out drill hole. Insert sieve sleeve flush to the wall, put on adjustment cap. Bonding of 12 mm shafts- without adjustment cap. When there are several holes, prepare all plug/sieve sleeve holes in order to avoid interruptions when pressing in the mortar. Insert the sieve sleeves into the cleaned drilled holes and then fill them almost completely with composite mortar, then insert the shaft of the respective component with a screw-like rotation and adjust if necessary. The mortar displaced by the insertion passes through the perforation and, during curing/drying, causes a bonding of the system in the cavities of the wall. The adjustment cap prevents the mortar from being pushed forward and adjusts the position of the threaded shaft. Additional reinforcement/stabilization may be required in individual cases.

A threaded shaft glued into hollow masonry by means of a sieve sleeve SD 16085 (photo)
A threaded shaft glued into hollow masonry by means of a sieve sleeve SD 16085
Detachable adjustment cap
Detachable adjustment cap