Cross Clamp 2mm, SK 01515

Product Sheet

Description / Price

Small cylindrical cross clamp made of stainless steel A2. Diameter 10 mm, length 15.5 mm. Tapped/threaded hole with 2 grub screws M6, groove width 2 mm. High clamping force; keeps cables static and in place. >>> Price



To secure two overlapping cables (1.5-2 mm); our standard cross clamp in the light kits. Both sides can serve as faces. Adjustable, easy to assemble and disassemble. Sometimes used as a temporary support before final assembly of kits like 7040. Please refer as needed to our general information on the use of cross clamps.



Unscrew the grub screw on the groove side. Adjust the position (depth) of the other screw so that it is flush with the grooves. Insert both cable (counterhold if necessary using pliers on the stainless steel body).



"Made in Germany" (Saxony) (Grub screws from the Far East.)