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Cross Clamp 4mm, SK 04015

stainless steel wire cable clamp 4 mm

Product sheet

Description / Price

A small cable cross clamp in stainless steel A2/V2A, connecting element for joining two cables. Diameter 15 mm, length 16.5 mm, threaded hole with grub screw M8, slot width 4.3 mm. Compact, decorative design, excellent holding force, strong grip (cables won't slip). >>> Price



Cable clamp for connecting intersecting cables (3 or 4 mm). Also, the standard clamp in our heavy kits and for some medium kits like 6050 in which cables cross at acute angles and wider clamping slots are favourable. For intersecting rods (4mm), we recommend using the larger version SK 03420. Adjustable, easy to assemble and disassemble; both sides can serve as faces. They can also be used as a temporary assembly (holding) aid before final assembly of some cable systems (like system 7040). Please refer as needed to our general information on the use of cross clamps.



Unscrew the grub screw and place the cable clamp on the intersection of the two cables to be connected. Tighten the grub screw with an allen wrench (key) and, if necessary, tighten it by grasping the body of the cable clamp with pliers.



Made in Germany (Bavaria), grub screw from the Far East

Cable clamp for intersecting cables