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Mini Press Clamp 3mm, SK 03006

High grade stainless steel mini-press cross clamp

Product Sheet

Description / Price

Very small manual, press-clamp made of high-grade steel A4. Diameter: 6mm, length: 8mm, two grooves with 3mm width. >>> Price



Special cable cross clamp for attaching 3mm cables which intersect at an angle of approximately 90º. Best used with our easy wire trellises (standard element in our easy kits) and with densely (closely) arranged systems where many intersecting points are required. These press clamps have a medium holding force (average grip). Please refer as needed to our general information on the use of cross clamps.



First, place the mini press clamp on the appropriate intersection point of your cables (/rod), and once you are sure of its position, manually close the clamp using ordinary water pump pliers or combination pliers, to avoid losing your grip. Set the gliding joint of your pliers to the first or second position, to gently begin securing the press clamp. At this point, though tighter, the grip of the clamp will not be completely secured, therefore giving you time to make any adjustments you may need to before permanently securing the clamp. After some practice, fastening can be done with one good press and once the clamp is firmly secured, alterations are mostly not possible.


Special Features

During assembly, press marks are made on the clamp. Please use quality pliers made from chrome-vanadium, steel, or nickel-plated steel to avoid rust-developing particles at the contact points. If rust does develop, however, it an be easily and permanently removed with fine sandpaper.


Made in Vietnam

Mini Pressing Cross Clamp 3 mm
Mounted press clamp
Pressure clamp for 3 mm wire rope