Cross Nut (Cross Head), KK 00000

Product Sheet


Stainless steel cross nut (or 'cross head' / 'cross clamping head') with grub screw and thin nut (flat nut) as a lock nut (stainless steel). For DIY-construction of cross mounts. We offer six versions:

  • KK 01515, for M6 and 2 mm cable, A2 - Price

  • KK 08302, for M8 and 3 mm cable, A2 - Price

  • KK 10302, for M10 and 3 mm cable, A2 - Price

  • KK 10402, for M10 and 4 mm cable, A2 - Price

  • KK 12402, for M12 and 4 mm cable, A2 - Price

  • KK 12504, for M12 and 5 mm cable, A4 - Price


Recommended Tools

We recommend ourhammer drills or percussion drills.


Special Features

The cross-clamping nut is not a precision casting part and is therefore not prone to chipping or breakage, even under the high loads that occur. It is made of drawn steel rod machined in Germany. 



Made in Germany (Saxony)