Deco Press Clamp 3mm, SK 03099

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Small press clamp, stainless steel A2. Diameter 10mm, length 13mm, side-drilled hole; groove width 3mm. Compact, decorative style. >>> Price



For securing two intersecting 3mm cables that intersect at approximately 90º. For our easy wire rope trellises (standard holder in FassadenGrün's easy kits) and for densely (closely) arranged trellis grids with many cable intersections. The press clamp has a medium, average holding force (grip). Refer as needed to our general information on the use of cross clamps.



First, decide whether you want the vertical or lateral trellis cables to be at the front; then thread these cables through the appropriate number of clamps. Be sure to thread them through the holes in the centre of the clamps- with the flat, round head facing forward, away from the trellis. It is very important that all clamps are facing the right way. 


Before initial threading, cut the cabe to the appropriate length, using cable cutters and twist the ends between thumb and forefinger, in the direction of the cable's braid, just as one would before before threading a needle; this is to avoid any of the braid's individual threads from jutting out, snagging on the outline of the clamp's hole and bending back, as this will disrupt the entire process. You may find that, once threaded, the cable needs a little coaxing the rest of the way; this is fine-- just gently rotate it, again in the same direction as the cable's braid, whilst feeding it through until all the clamps sit comfortably and in their correct positions on each of your cables. Take care that when threading on the cross pieces, no strands are pushed away or bent from the braids. Should this happen after stringing 2 or more clamps, cut a rope piece of approx. 2 cm to have a clean end before stringing further rope crosses again...


Once your front set of cables are secure, you will then run the intersecting cables through the back-facing, open grooves of your press clamp and, once positioned, manually close the teeth with ordinary, water pump pliers. We recommend this technique: grip the clamp from as far back in the jaw of your pliers as possible, which not only ensures a firmer grip but also exerts far greater pressure, which you will need. Set the adjustable gliding joint of the pliers to the second position and squeeze the clamp together part way; then check that the cables are perfectly positioned before permanently securing the clamp. Once pressed shut it is almost impossible to remove. With some practice, the pressing can be done with a single squeeze. (see photos for reference).


Special Features

Pressure marks (small indentations) may appear on the cable clamp after assembly. Use quality pliers made of chrome-vanadium or zinc- / nickel-plated steel to prevent rust developing at the contact points. If rust marks to develop later, they an be easily and permanently removed with fine sandpaper.


Made in Germany (Saxony)