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Large Cross Clamp 4 mm of A4, SK 03420

High grade stainless steel cross clamp for 3 and 4 mm

Product sheet

Description / Price

Cross clamp made of high-grade steel A4. Diameter: 18mm, length: 19mm, blind hole with grub screw M10, groove width 4.3mm. Compact, decorative style, very firm grip, therefore suitable also for security-relevant orders. >>> Price



For fastening cross over, stainless steel cables with a diameter of 4mm and 3mm. Also compatible with growing rod of 4mm diameter. Standard "premium" cross clamps from both our medium and massiv kits. Both sides can serve as a face. Adjustable and detachable. From time to time hey can also be used, if necessary, as temporary aids before final the final assembly of cable systems like 7040. If necessary use our general information about the use of cross clamps.



Undo grub screw and thread the two cables through the cross clamp. When using a rod, insert rod first then rope. Insert and tighten setscrew with allen wrench, if necessary counter-hold the clamp body with pliers.


Special Features

SK 03420 doesn't cause any hollow pressure like comparable cross clamps from the Far East and has a far more reliable grip.



"Made in Germany" (Saxony), grub screw from the Far East.

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