Pro Vice made of Light Metal, LS 10000

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Machine vice "simplex" made of light metal, silver-gray, jaw width: 68 mm, max. Opening width of the jaws 65 mm, triangular plastic handle for optimum one-hand operation. Professional quality. >>> Price



In the workshop, here is something specifically designed for rope tensioning that doesn't require any cutting of the ropes. A purchase of 1 - 2 of these items is recommended when you do not already have appropriate vices, clamps, grip pliers or something similar available. The number of required vices (1 or 2) can be found in our kits (see below). When cost is a factor, alternatives to the 2nd vice are possible.

With Light, Medium, Heavy and Massive Kits, the rope end to be tightened is pressed between the jaws of the vice behind the respective wall bracket (Figure 02). Now the rope can be gripped and stretched/tightened with the help of the vice hanging on it (03); the grub screw of the respective cross-mounts are then inserted and tightened; this tightened state is thus permanently fixed.

With Easy, and where applicable Medium Kits, rope loops are formed. Then a second vice serves to temporarily fix a tensioned state (04) so ​​that the rope loop can be pressed or be fastened with cable clamps.

In the case of kits with cross mounts, it sometimes happens that at outer corners, two ropes intersect in the mount (bracket) and must be tensioned at the same time. Then two vices are really required. If you are working alone (without another helping hand), a vice can also be used to fix the already tightened state of one of the ropes directly behind the cross mount (Fig. 05) without having to screw the grub screw into the mount. Then the second rope can be be laid and tensioned (Figure 06); the grub screw is inserted and takes over the securing of both cables, and the vice is removed again.

When mounting clamping rings on free-standing climbing wire rope installations, the vice is used as protection against tilting or twisting of the clamp (Figure 07). Please refer as needed to the general information about our tools.



German brand product from the company 'Wolfcraft,' made in China