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Tools for Assembling trellis systems

FassadenGrün offers tools in three quality levels for installation of wire- and wooden trellises. Our appeal:  also buy with an order the appropriate tools, we will guarantee the best prices! 'Hobby' means that you can mount 3 - 5 growth aids without issues, then your tools are  re-usable and can do you good service for many years. 'Professional' quality is recommended for commercial orders if many mounts and cables are to be installed. 'Prof Plus' quality adds value, thanks to extremely long service life, outstanding scope, known brand names, etc..

Hammer Drill Bits

Hammer Drills Bits

Concrete, brick and natural stone

Universal Drill Bits

Universal Drill Bits

Wood, metal, ceramics, plates

Percussion Drill Bits

Percussion Drill Bits

Walls, soft natural stone


Important small tools

Wire Rope Cutters

For clean cuts


Available in 2019