Other Tools and Aids for Mounting Trellises

As always, there are certain things that cannot be perfectly classified. For such tools we have created the category of 'helping tools'. >>> Price list.

Three-Metre Folding Ruler ('Yardstick')

For measuring walls to be covered with greenery and for the positioning of drilling points, we offer a 3-metre (folding) 'yard-stick'-- GM 03000 -- at a TOP price.

Borehole Brushes, Blowers, and Suction (for removal of drilled residue)

Drilled holes should always be brushed and blown out to increase the load-bearing capacity (optimal adhesion) of the holders/mounts.  FassadenGrün offers various hole brushes (BB 00000) for the respective construction methods, plus an AB 00000 blower. Alternatively, compressed air can be used. An additional suction (vacuum) of the drilled residues and dust is highly recommended to prevent soiling, particularly on light-colored walls. Suction is done with a domestic or industrial vacuum cleaner (during drilling, if possible: brushing and blow-out/suction is best done by a second person holding the device while the other drills).

Mounting Vice

With kits, you need at least one LS 10000 vice to grip and tighten the ropes. Alternatively, you can use existing grip pliers, clamps, etc.. With Medium, Heavy and Massive Kits where ropes intersect, you need a second vice or can temporarily use a cross clamp (suitable to the diameter of the wire rope) if there is one in the kit. A clamping ring can also be used as an inexpensive solution.

Cylinder Saw

If you mount a wall climbing-plant system into insulation, you need a cylinder saw ZS 06060 or similar circle cutter with 60 mm diameter.

Cartridge Applicator Gun

The extremely robust cartridge applicator gun AP 00000 is not only used for the composite mortar in Heavy Kits, but for all standard construction cartridges of sealants, adhesives, and fillers.