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Milling tool 125 mm, FK 00125

Product sheet

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Tool case with milling tool, including: drilling bell with handle, round shaft ø = 10 mm (Metall), 2 x milling head ø 125 mm made of high grade plastic.



Milling tool to open precise and perpendicular cylindrical holes ø= 125 mm in up to 200 mm thick insulation withour outer plaster. Tool adapted for XP 12XX3 and XP 12XX5. Use with hard insulation materials such as mineral wool and styrofoam.

Do not use with plastered insulation as the milling bell might leave traces!

Please read the information on tools.



Screw the milling tool on the shaft, the shaft in the guide socket and fix the cylindrical shaft in a drilling machine or cordless screwdriver. Pierce the insulation with the centering tip on the marked spot. Set the milling saw on the insulation so that the tooth enter the material, then drill slowly without percusion. Capture the shavings with a vac.

You may want to read the additional available information on assembly



To prevent any interruption during assembly we deliver 2 identical milling tools. The leasing price includes a wear fee. Please send worn tools back anyway!



Product from "Dosteba"