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Arcades and Archways with Climbing Plants

Arcades are usually free standing elements in gardens or parks, which is why we have classified them in the category of 'other constructions' -- object greening. Here you will find various construction and trellising options. Information in the sections on pergolas and canopies (galleries/awnings/'green roofs') may also be useful. Some arcades are joined to a building or connect two buildings, and sometimes they act as outdoor corridors/passageways. See "greening large structures" for some examples.

Arcade with grapevine in Ebernburg
Arcade with grapevine in Ebernburg

Construction and Greening

Archways and arcades can have angular or round roofs made of wood or metal. They are often built with forms like pergolas. Modern, basic components are round arches made of steel pipes which are anchored in the ground on both sides, strutted diagonally (braced at an angle) and connected to each other up top. There are kits available for such projects. In addition, wooden slats are installed, or a wire rope arrangement (similar to that used for a pergola) is added. How to green these structures? Take a look at the section on pergolas. The concept is pretty much the same.

Small arcade with vine in a garden, Göschenhaus / Grimma / Saxony

Photo Gallery

Here you can find examples of greened arcades. Please also see the photos in the section on pergolas.

Arcade made of larch wood built in a historic style, greened with grapevines
Arcade greened with English Ivy
Archway with vine
Grapevine arbour over a garden walkway
Canopied passage with wild grapevines, Castle Giebichenstein / Halle an der Saale / Saxony-Anhalt
Arcade with roses, Castle Giebichenstein / Halle an der Saale / Saxony-Anhalt
Historic arcade made of wood, Göschenhaus / Grimma / Saxony
Modern steel pergola with bougainvillea in Australia; photo: Barbara Steiner.
Large arcade greened with deciduous trees, probably hornbeam. Castle Lichtenwalde / Saxony
Arcade with grapevine; made by Atlas Leipzig GmbH, Mr. Stolle ("Marktwinzer zu Leipzig")
Details of the arcade in previous photo
Short arcade for climbing roses, Dornburg / Thuringia
Restoration of an old garden with arcade for roses
Overhanging pergolas make an arcade, greened with ivy. This is a public garden design in Heringsdorf / Rügen / Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.
Greened arcade as a boundary for a green classroom in Lehnin / Brandenburg. Steel wire ropes fastened on top of stone pillars; project by Atelier Blümer / Christine Blümer / Potsdam