ProPlus - Original Felco Cable Cutters SC 34000

Product Sheet

Description / Price

Cable cutter 'C7' for cable and wire rope in ProfiPlus-quality, Swiss-made, company Felco / Switzerland. Alloyed and tempered cutting inserts for heavy-duty continuous use. Longer-lasting sharpness than with SC 33777 andSC 34999, very robust riveting with the scissor arms. Scissor arms of burnished steel, grip areas coated with plastic tubing (protection against cold grip). With ratchet feature. Special price due to high sales volume -- see below. >>> Price



Special shears for cutting extremely hard materials such as cable and stainless steel wire rope. Makes a smooth, clean cut without unraveling the ropes. The following diameters can be cut with this cable cutter: hardened spring steel up to 2.5 mm, softer steel wire and hard stainless steel wire ropes (rope 7x19) up to 3 mm, medium-soft stainless steel wire ropes (rope 7 x 7) up to 4 mm, soft stainless steel wire rope (wire 7x19) up to 5 mm, soft ropes made of aluminum, etc.. up to 7 mm. Please refer as needed to our general information on cable cutters.


Please Note

This cable cutter is suitable for continuous use. After 100 (4 mm rope) or 500 cuts (3 mm rope), the cutting effort increases slightly due to dulling of blades. Many more hundreds or thousands of cuts (depending on cable type) are possible.



Original Felco product 'Made in Switzerland.' When comparing prices elsewhere, please check whether the ORIGINAL Felco cable cutter is being offered.