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End Caps for Steel Rods and Wire Rope, EM 0000X

Plastic end cap

Product Sheet

Description / Prices 

End caps ('end stops') for wire ropes and metal rods made of black plastic (PVC - polyvinyl chloride), weatherproof and UV-stable. (EM 00003 is pictured here.)

  • EM 10003, for rod diameter 3mm, 10 pieces - Price

  • EM 10004, for rod diameter 4mm, 10 pieces - Price

  • EM 10005, for rod diameter 5 mm, 10 pieces - Price



Especially used for protruding rod ends; also for cable ends (of 3 - 4 mm cable): prevents the unraveling and fraying of cables and any concurrent injuries, e.g., during pruning work on the espalier. An aesthetically pleasing, simple, and timesaving product for securing wire rope ends. However, due to the limited durability of the end caps (plastic), stainless steel end sleeves are really preferred for cable trellis systems. Please refer to our general information on cable ends for more information.



The caps can be placed directly on the rod or cable ends (slide them on, turning them in the direction of the rope's braid, i.e. counterclockwise). Once on, the caps will not be displaced, due to their tight fit. Gluing is also possible but not necessary.



Made in Germany (North Rhine-Westphalia). We produce these end stops in plastic because there are currently no comparable articles of renewable, raw materials available.

End fitting EM 00003 on stainless steel rod
End cap (end stop) for steel rods
Trellis rods (with end caps) as climbing 'rungs' between ropes
Plastic end stop (cap)
End cap EM 00003
End cap for wire ropes
Plastic end cap behind a loop
Plastic end cap for wire rope