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Bamboo Fan Trellis, RB 11001

Fan trellis

Product sheet

Description / Prices

Medium sized fan-shaped trellis 110 x 48 cm. The lower ends are 33 cm long and are at a distance of 5 cm from each other. The vertical bamboo sticks are ø 10 - 12 mm in diameter, horizontal bamboo sticks are ø 4-5 mm in diameter. The horizontal traverses are glued in the vertical sticks and are at a distance of 13 cm from each other. Distance between horizontal bars is 19 cm. Two versions available:

  • 1 x Fan-shaped bamboo trellis - Price
  • 4 x Fan-shaped bamboo trellis - Price



Standing trellis for medium-sized pots on the balcony or terrace. Not suitable for small pots as the pot might tip over due tu wind. For medium vigorous climbing plants, especially Mandevilla, Thunbergia and other permanent flowering plants, clematis as well as small climbing roses.



The trellis can be inserted in the soil of the potted plant directly. Store the trellis in a dry area during winter when its not in use to have it last longer.



Imported from East Asia

Bamboo trellis
Bamboo trellis
Bmaboo trellis in "fan" form
Fan-shaped trellis