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Bamboo stake, ST 000000

Bamboo sticks

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Bamboo stakes: hand-picked, straight and tear-free. The bamboo is used is pseudosasa amabilis. The sticks are sticks are very dense, resistant and elastic at the same time. Our range includes medium-thick bamboo sticks, which therefore offer the optimum in slimness AND stability.

  • length 180 cm, 10 pieces - Price



The bamboo sticks can be used to build a bamboo trellis with bamboo clamps. They can also be used to guide young climbing plants until they reach a wall trellis. Also suitable to a limited extent as a planting pole for potted plants. In the garden soil, some wood poles will last longer than bamboo rods and might be better suited.



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Imported from Eastern Asia

Tri-dimensional growing aid made of bamboo sticiks and bamboo clamps
Trellis made of bamboo sticks