Bamboo Cane / Stake, ST XXXXX

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Bamboo canes (poles/stakes): hand-picked, straight, and crack-free. Made of "Tonkin" bamboo (pseudosasa amabilis). Tonkin (the name of the province in north Vietnam from where the variety orginates) canes are particularly firm, robust, yet flexible. We have chosen medium-thick bamboo canes, which provide the optimal grace AND stability.

  • length = 105 cm, 10 pieces - Price
  • length = 120 cm, 10 pieces - Price



With these canes you can construct your own bamboo trellis using bamboo clamps. They can also be used to guide young climbing plants until they reach a wall trellis. To a limited extent, also useful as a pole/stake for potted plants. But wood (robinia/lokus) stakes are generally more appropriate In the garden.



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Imported from Eastern Asia