Bamboo Rectangle Trellis, RB 18001

Product sheet

Description / Prices

Large trellis 180 cm x 50 cm. The lower, pointed rod ends are 40 cm long, they are 18 cm apart from each other. Ther vertical bamboo rods are ø 14 - 16 mm thick, horizontal bamboo rods are ø 6-7 mm thick. The horizontal rods are glued in transverse bores of the vertical rods. Size of the mesh (height x width) isapprox. 27 cm x 17 cm. This trellis is currently not available.



Standing trellis for larger pots on the balcony and terrace. Unusual shape. No clips or clamps. Don't use in small pots as they can tip over due to wind pressure. For low to medium vigorous climbing plants, especially Mandevilla, splendid winds, Thunbergia, Clematis, other permanent flowering plants as well as small climbing roses.



Plant the trellis directly into the soil of the pots or planters. Store in a dry place while the trellis is not in use, the trellis will last longer.



The increase in shipping costs is included in the price - no extra charge for shipping.



Imported from Asia