Bamboo Ladder Trellis, RB 08001

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Small ladder trellis 80 x 19 cm. The lower pointed ends of the canes are 25cm long and have a distance of 8cm from each other. Vertical canes =  8-10mm in diameter (ø), horizontal canes =  4-5 mm ø. The horizontal canes are attched to the vertical canes at a distance of 13cm from each other. Distance between horizontal bars = 13cm.

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Small trellis for potted plants on balconies, terraces, or indoors. Decorative trellis without visible nodes... For slow-growing climbing plants.



The trellises can be inserted in the soil of the potted plant directly. For a long life, store the trellis in a dry area during winter when it is not in use.



Imported from East Asia