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Wooden Trellises

At FassadenGrün you can plan and buy support peripherals of stainless steel wire for wall climbing plants. But what about the classical wooden trellis? Those who look for something special concerning shape and material will sooner or later come across the historical wooden espaliers. FassadenGrün provides the fastenings and represents this planning area. It is the result of  longstanding research and addresses do-it-yourselfers, landscapers, architects and monument conservators.

Clematis on a wooden trellis
Support system for grapevine, Meißen / Saxony


Climbing structure made of wood

Sketches of wooden trellises

Step by Step

Building a Climbing plant structure

Classic climbing system made of wood, Dresden / Saxony

Classic Construction Style

Crossbars with vertical laths

Lattice on Goethes garden house in Weimar / Thuringia

Special Types

Chequer, Ladder, Fan Types

Modern building with wood trellis, childern's hospice, Markkleeberg near Leipzig / Saxony

Modern Trellises

Modern structures and trellises

Vine protection grids

Protective Trellis

For grapevines, roses, i.a.

Wood laths for espalier (not available in the FassadenGrün assortment)

Trellis Wood

Selection tips

Holders for wooden trellises

Trellis Holders

Anchorage for attaching

Trellis with whitely painted wooden laths, garden city Marienbrunn / Leipzig / Saxony


Coatings and colour

Free standing trellises without wall contact

A Trellis in the Garden

Free standing trellis