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Pro Plus - Hammer Drill Bit 16 mm, HB 16160

Pro Plus - Hammer Drill Bit 16 mm, HB 16160

Product Sheet

Description / Price

Inexpensive short-shanked hammer drill bit with three edges and SDS-Plus shank, 'Booster Plus' brand, Profi Plus quality at a low price. Drilling diameter 16 mm. Long service life, not prone to hitting rebar in reinforced concrete. Certified with PGM-seal (Masonry Drill Bit Certification). Delivered in 'quadropack' (polypropylene container). A longer version is also available (see below). TL / WL here means total length / working length (max. drilling depth):

  • HB 16160, d = 6 mm, TL/WL = 160/100 mm - Price

  • HB 16210, d = 6 mm, TL/WL = 210/150 mm - Price



Premium drill bit for hammer drills (up to 5 kg). For the assembly of Massive Kits in concrete (with / without reinforcement, rebar), exposed brickwork and plastered brickwork; where appropriate, can drill without percussion. Only conditionally suitable for wood. Cleaning boreholes with a hole brush and then blower allows for high adhesive forces and is imperative for professional bonds with composite mortar. Please also note the general information on hammer drills and bits.


Special Features

With prolonged use (many drilled holes), the drill shank should be greased to ensure lasting lubrication of the drill chuck.



'Made in France' by Diager

Head of the three-edged bit
Head of the three-edged bit