Hobby - Hole Brushes, BB XXXXX


Product sheet

Description / Price

Cylindrical brushes in hobby-quality, in turned, galvanized steel wire with plastic bristles, each diameter slightly larger than the ' to be' brushed holes.

  • BB 10120, Length 120 mm, Brush diameter 11 mm - Price

  • BB 12300, Length 300 mm, Brush diameter 15 mm - Price

  • BB 16300, Length 300 mm, Brush diameter 20 mm - Price



For brushing boreholes:

  • BB 10120 - with easy, light and medium 'Eco' - and 'Premium' - kits, Borehole-d = 8 / 10 mm

  • BB 12300 - at medium 'Classic' kits, Borehole-d = 12 mm

  • BB 16300 - with heavy and massive kits, Borehole-d = 14 / 16 mm

Using the borehole brushes best in conjunction with the blowouts. A cleaning of the wells increases the adhesive force of the anchoring and is prescribed for professional bonds with professional composite mortar. Please use, if necessary, the general information about our tools available.



Made in Germany (Saxony)

Cleaning borehole
Hole brush, but here with brass bristles, collecting the drilling dust in a container mounted below (known as 'Naumann shear box' for façade builders).