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Concrete Walls

Regarding the attachment of plant climbing technology, concrete is the first wall type which is discussed in this web area. In many cases, attempts are made to hide or ensconce the unfriendly look of concrete. Due to the fact that it is an ideal surface for assembling growing aids for plants, we do have some great aids for you. Standard kits from FassadenGrün are almost always suitable for concrete walls.  Please use the relevant sub pages to verify the suitability or to find other wire rope accessories. Problems occur mainly with thin concrete walls, concrete columns and their drilling...

Concrete facades / Concrete walls

Concrete Facades

Buildings with concrete walls

Thin concrete walls

Thin Concrete Walls

Pre-fabricated garages, fences, etc.

Growing aids on concrete columns and masts


Wall panels and walls

Support and protection (noise, sight etc.) walls of concrete

Protection Walls

Noise / Sight / Water Protec.

Drilling into reinforced concrete

Concrete Columns

Round / square cross-section

Wall panels, walls of exposed concrete

Drilling in Concrete

"hitting reinforcement", etc.