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Massive Kits

FassadenGrün trellises from stainless steel wire rope are classified in 54 'cable systems' and can be displayed in five versions. The 'massive construction' described here is the fifth and the highest quality variant. It offers the highest standard all the way around. You can buy cable systems assembled as 'massive kits,' but you may also supplement or assemble all the items in the online shop for trellis kits.

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  • representative due to the smooth shaft

  • wire guided with "wire holders"

  • for heavily loaded trellises

  • wall distance of 9 cm

  • for up to 4 mm of wire-cable

  • made of high grade stainless steel A4 AISI 316

  • easy to install, borehole diameter 16 mm

In the case of the massive construction, all wall mounts are connected to the cable and fix to the wall. The rope is 'decoupled' into several sections; each load is distributed equally on the final and intermediate mount. Shock loads are cushioned dynamically via the elastic deflection of the mount. If there is still a problem with overload, the ropes slide in the head of the cross holder and can be retightened.


You can find instructions for the assembly of Massive Kits in the section on Wire Rope Systems /Installation. Please check to see whether you require tools!

Wall Mount / Surface

The massive construction always contains cross mount WM 12153 from Inox stainless steel or metal (stainless steel) with a strong 12 mm shaft, seal, and cross head. They are suitable for many substrates, particularly exposed brickwork, plastered solid masonry, concrete walls, plastered hollow masonry  (please note the infosheet of cross holders), and possibly also for massive wood... but not for insulation, sheathing, trim, and thin-walled concrete elements.

Area of Application: For heavily loaded trellises

Steel cable espaliers in 'Massive style' are versatile. Applicable particularly in the professional range, with larger heights, high loads, and with increased wall clearance. In the public area as well with such heavy climbers, where a substantial execution is recommended. Please use the general references for planning if necessary.

Climbing roses
Trellis for roses
Ribbon-like trellises on a public road, analogous to system 8010 and 5050, Clematis planned.
Clematis trellis, Butcher in Ditzingen / Baden-Wuerttemberg
WM 12153 as a standard support for massive wire-cable trellises
Trellis: Kit consisting of wire rope along with fixations
Wire rope holder WM 12153 (old version with nut and thin nut. Now we it only has a flange nut)
Trellis mount
Trellis for an old, thick vine
Trellis for Climbing plants