Sand-Lime Brick

How do I mount a trellis cable system on a sand-lime brick wall?

Calcium silicate is easy to work with and almost all the kits (construction style versions) we offer can be used without restriction. This material has cavities, which could bring a few surprises when drilling. Read on for more info...

Suitable Mounts, Plugs, and Drills

Sand lime (calcium silicate) bricks are almost always industrially produced- made up of lime, sand and water. They are light in colour (a spectrum from dark beige to bright white) and generally have small recesses within the bricks and must therefore be drilled with the appropriate care.


All 5 of our construction designs, with their standard mounts are fully compatible with these bricks and can be mounted directly into either the bricks (whether solid or hollow) or into the mortar joints. If using our heavy kits, we advise you to add the use of a sieve sleeve, as this will help to secure your anchor should you encounter a recess in the spot you are drilling. When greening an external wall, be aware of the sensitive border areas: any anchor or screw mounted here should be secured with composite mortar.


Hammer drillsuniversal drills, and percussion drills are all equally suitable.