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Impressions - Wooden Trellises

Below are images of a variety of wooden trellises, mostly from Eastern Germany, many of which are built in the traditional structure, meaning they have a vertical, rather than diagonal lattice. The trellises can be divided according to their state of preservation: First, there are the old, protected vine trellises in the wine-growing area of the Upper Elbe Valley, which are still expertly maintained; their rich harvest often being given for pressing. The wooden espalier on house walls outside the wine-growing areas is often decayed, if not even torn off, and can at most create a bit of melancholy charm. Finally there are enthusiasts who restore or refit wooden espaliers. They help preserve a bit of one’s sense of home!

Wooden trellis for climbing roses and other plants, garden-city Marienbrunn, Leipzig / Saxony

Picture Gallery

Pictured: A variety of wooden trellises as described above.

Historical grapevine trellises, Dresden / Saxony
Trellises for different climbing plants, Graupa / Saxony
Old grapevine trellis with the species "Blauer Trollinger" as a façade greening, Dresden / Saxony
The same trellis structure with an old grapevine after a façade renovation
Bautzen / Saxony, rose espalier on an old fisher house from circa 1600, also called “Witch’s cottage”
Modern trellis with wild grapes, children's hospice Markkleeberg / Saxony
Facade greening with climbing plants (grapevine) on a wooden trellis, old smithy in Gorsleben / Thuringia
Wooden trellis as a special form with few cross bars, grapevine, Meißen / Saxony
Wooden espalier in Röda / Muldental / Saxony
Jena / Thuringia, graceful (corner) espalier for grapevine in late autumn on the old cemeteries garden house
Kohren-Sahlis / Saxony, winter pears blooming with a very thick trunk
Very old espalier made of wood for grapevines, Tower house Radebeul / Saxony
Old grapevine espalier made of wood, Obertreba / Thuringia