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Concrete Protection and Retaining Walls

The concrete walls dealt with here are large, more technical structures; for example: noise barriers, flood protection walls, roadside retaining ('breast') walls. Once again, all the kits provided by FassadenGrün are fully suitable, but please note-- because problems can occur when drilling, we advise you to read the information provided via the link.

The pictured walls here can be found as embankment walls on sloping terrain, noise barriers at highways and industrial areas, or as flood protection along rivers. They are always made of reinforced concrete, sometimes cast on-site but mostly pre-cast (pre-fabricated) and ordered. Small protective walls for homes and gardens are discussed under Partitions.

Which cable trellis systems can I use?

All 5 of our wire rope construction styles, with their standard fixtures/anchors, are suitable. With medium classic kits, and even with heavy and massive kits, problems can occur if the wall thickness only slightly exceeds 8cm. If using a heavy kit, the shorter mount WM 12161 can be used and then glued in (with composite mortar) in place of rawl plugs. If in doubt about your wall's thickness, proceed with caution and treat it as "thin-walled concrete."

Heavy Kit, retaining wall of ICE railway line, clematis
Retaining wall next to a railway track, stainless steel cables as trellis technology, in our Heavy design
Medium-sized construction with WM 10081 on flood protection wall
Medium-sized construction with WM 10081 on flood protection wall
Massive System, retaining wall of concrete L- elements
Massive construction, retaining wall concrete -L- elements
Medium Kit on a noise protection wall of a warehouse
Wire rope system, medium kit, on noise protection wall
Medium system on noise protection wall with WM 10101, detail to the photo above.
Wire rope accessories, medium kit, on noise protection wall, detail on the photo above.
Easy Kit on flood protection walls, clematis montana
Easy construction on flood protection walls, clematis montana
Medium construction style on a retaining wall
A greened concrete retaining wall