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Concrete Facades

Here you will find our guide to the various concrete surfaces and which wire rope trellises correspond best to each. Kits from FassadenGrün are almost always suitable, the few exceptions being primarily due to insufficient wall thickness (troubleshooting information provided through the link: thin concrete walls.) Read through our descriptions of each surface to find out what will work best for you. Problems can occur when drilling, so please take the time to read through the information provided in the link.

Wall Thickness

Concrete facades of unheated buildings, such as parking garages, are sufficiently thick for all of our trellis fixtures. However, heatable buildings are rarely built with concrete all the way through (because it has poor insulating value)... instead, they have 'weather shells' made of concrete that conceal an insulating layer and then a second concrete wall, which also forms the inner wall. This all translates to: the surface to which you will attach your trellis will be considerably thinner. If this is the case-- then determine the thickness of the external wall (concrete 'shell') *before* selecting your wire rope accessories.


Very thin concrete walls-- anything under 8cm -- should be considered separately. And as a side note, concrete facades are usually designed as 'fair-faced concrete,' but can be plastered, which is not relevant for the fixings proposed below.

Compatible Construction Styles (Wire Rope Trellises)

All 5 of our cable trellis construction styles and the corresponding standard fixtures (mounts) are suitable for concrete. For the mounts of the medium classic kits, as with heavy and massive kits, problems can occur with any wall thickness that only slightly exceeds 8 cm. If an insulating layer is present behind the concrete wall (heated buildings), the anchor-fixture will be able to enter this insulating layer without any problem. If you have chosen a heavy kit/system, a shorter version (WM 12161) of the standard mount can be used; sieve sleeves are not necessary. If in doubt, know that these walls are treated like thin-walled concrete.

Medium-sized construction, House
Concrete wall with wire rope system
Heavy construction style on a vehicle repair facility
Vehicle depot made of exposed concrete
Mounting a wire rope trellis structure (massive construction) for clematis; air intake tower made of plastered concrete
Plastered concrete
Concrete facade with climbing hydrangea
Concrete facade with climbing hydrangea
The trellis ropes and mounts (in our heavy construction style) are hard to see on this large exposed concrete facade.
Greening a facade of exposed concrete
Easy construction style, wire rope system 4020 on a daycare facility from the GDR (socialist) era
Concrete wall on an daycare center with climbing plants