Partitions and Walls of Exposed Concrete

This section deals exclusively with concrete partitions, free standing walls, and wall panelss as one would find them in homes and gardens. All FassadenGrün kits are fully compatible as long as the wall's thickness is known. Extremely thin concrete walls under 8cm, large technical structures, and embankment walls of exposed concrete are addressed separately in other areas of our website.

The majority of walls depicted here (panels, partitions, etc..) are made from standard, steel-reinforced concrete, either cast on site or from pre-cast concrete products. Generally these walls are left in the raw concrete aesthetic, but coatings of paint or plaster can easily be applied.

Which cable trellis system can I use?

All 5 construction designs/kits of our cable trellis systems-- with their standard mounting anchors-- are suitable. However, to avoid hitting rebar, the ideal solution would be to combine a medium classic kit/parts with the mount WM 10081 and brass rawl plug. If you choose this variant, please let us know when you place your order (in the comments section at checkout).

* (If the surface isn’t exposed concrete, but instead concrete with a plaster layer less than 1cm thick this option is out: see photo.)  


With medium classic kits and even heavy or massive kits, problems can occur when the wall thickness only slightly exceeds 8cm. When using a heavy kit, the shorter mountWM 12161can be used and then glued in (with composite mortar) in place of rawl plugs. If in doubt about your wall's thickness, proceed with caution and treat it as a 'thin concrete wall.'