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Wire Rope Cutters

With steel ropes DS 00000, a clean cut is necessary to push into the open final shells. In addition, wire rope scissors are suitable, FassadenGrün leads with three in the assortment. They differ with regard to design and effort with cutting, furthermore with regard to quality steel and life time of the blades and, in the end, with the price.

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Rope scissors consist of two arms connected by joints. Each of the handles has a clutch lever in the rear. The front steel is ground to a sharp cutting edge. The quality of the cut can be increased, if more expensive, high-quality steel is used in the handles and the head.

Savings are due when cutting head and levers are separated, and the handle levers consists only of low-priced steel. Both parts are then connected by rivets before the complete rope shears is formed by the two handles.

Cable cutters at FassadenGrün

What is the appropriate cable cutter? Facade Green offers three wire cutters: with expensive, riveted cutterhead the original Felcoschere SC 34000 (Professional Plus) and a high-quality imitation Felco SC 34999 as a pro-scissor. Furthermore, the simple hobby wire cutters SC 33777 is here when more cutting force is required.

Alternatively, you can disconnect your ropes with a heavy wire cutters. If 'flexed' with an vice, the separation point must first be bound with tape so that the wire ropes do not unravel everywhere. A cutting with normal pliers, scissors and bolt cutters is not possible due to the hardness of the rope.

Cable cutters of FassadenGrün, from top to bottom: SC 34000, SC 34999, SC 33777
Wire cutter in comparison
Section by cable cutter on a previously stretched vertical rope, the desired wire-overhang of about 10 cm is determined by ruler.
Cable cutter in action