Stainless Steel Cable 1.8/3/4 mm

Product Sheet


Semi-soft stainless steel cable for climbing aids, in various diameters, complete with inner strand made of stainless steel 1.4401 (AISI 316 - 'marine grade / seawater resistant'), highly alloyed, A4. 7x7 wire strands rolled blank ('glitter`effect), without plastic coating. High 'work-hardening' (via cold-working) of the individual wires.

  • 1.8 mm of cable: yield strength 90 kg (0.9 kN), ultimate strength 180 kg (1.8 kN),

  • 3 mm of rope: yield strength 250 kg (2.5 kN), ultimate strength 500 kg (5 kN),

  • 4 mm of rope: yield strength 500 kg (5.0 kN), ultimate strength 1,000 kg (10 kN).   


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Go to Wire Rope Systems for instructions on how to use our stainless steel cables. Further information can be found under our general information on stainless steel wire.


Delivery Options:

  • as a reel (spool) with 125 m rope length (only for 3 and 4 mm)

  • as a roll of 10 m

  • as a roll of 25 m

  • sold by the metre (cut to length): a less expensive option as compared with reels and rolls. A roughly accurate cutting: If you enter "15 m," you'll get a stainless steel cable between 15.01 to 15.03 m. To order several segments (e.g: 2 x 3.65 m, 3 x 1.20 m), enter the sum of all cable lengths in the shop, rounded up to the next meter. In the "comments" field, specify the individual rope lengths you desire. The cut is exact to the centimetre and does not lead to additional costs.

  • sold by the metre (in pre-assembled kits): here too, you will receive the quantity indicated in the parts list of the respective kit (e.g. '12 m') as one cable segment. Since each kit is packaged individually, it is also possible to cut the steel cable in several segments to the nearest centimeter. If you order additional components (mounts or extra cable for an extension piece, for example) to supplement a preassembled kit, you can write in the "comments" field at checkout that you would like to have the entire length of cable in one roll (for example, if you order a kit with a 12-metre cable and an additional 3-metre cable, we can deliver a 15-metre roll if you wish) and additionally ordered amount of rope (e.g. 3 m) should not be separate, but delivered attached to the standard length in the kit. We would then deliver 15 m as one length of rope, rather than 12m + 3m. 



Installation instructions are available under each respective cable system. The final cutting of your cables is done during installation; special cable cutters can be purchased here. The stainless steel wire ropes are about four times harder than simple construction steel; cutting with bolt or side-cutters is extremely difficult if possible... a hacksaw or grinder (wrap insulating tape around the cut-off end, to prevent cable unravelling) can work. Caution: flying sparks when cutting may cause loss of resistance to corrosion and then cause rust at the meeting point with other stainless steel parts, such as wall brackets, etc.-- inviting rust! Each cable termination should project by about 10 cm (together with relevant elements-- end sleeves.) So with 1.8 mm rope, an overhang of 5 cm is sufficient.



Depending on fluctuations in foreign exchange rates, alloy surcharges and import costs, our cables come to us from South Korea, China, India, or Switzerland.