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Pro - Wire Rope Cutters SC 34999

Wire cable cutters

Product Sheet

Description / Price

Wire rope cutter in professional quality for frequent use. Alloy-coated cutting inserts. Scissor arms of burnished steel, grip areas coated with plastic tubing (protection against cold grip).
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Wire rope cutter for cutting extremely hard materials such as cable and stainless steel wire. Makes a smooth, clean cut without unraveling the ropes. The following diameters can be cut with this wire cutter: hardened spring steel up to 2.5 mm, softer steel wire and hard stainless steel wire rope (rope 7x19) up to 3 mm, medium-soft stainless steel wire ropes (rope 7 x 7) to 4 mm, soft wire stainless steel (wire 7x19 ) up to 5 mm, soft ropes made of aluminum, etc.. up to 7 mm. Please refer as needed to our general information on cable cutters.



Made in Taiwan

The wire cutters from Taiwan ranks second in the FassadenGrün range here.
Wire rope cutters made in Taiwan
Scissors with the jaws open - with the triangle geometry the rope can not slip when cutting.
Cutter for wire cable
Clean cut by wire cutter
Clean cut only with special wire rope cutters