Hobby - Wire Cutters SC 33777

Product Sheet

Description / Price

Wire / wire-rope cutter in 'hobby' (amateur) quality. Also suitable for cable. Very sturdy compared with conventional wire cutters, scissors-shape. Durable cutting arms forged in one piece without riveting. Made of hardened tool steel, grip areas coated with plastic tubing (protection against cold grip) with locking tab. The attractive price is due to the simple design without rivets and from the inexpensive cutting steel. >>> Price



Very robust wire cutter for cutting wire, wire rope, steel cable; also made of stainless steel. The manual force required in each case is higher than with SC 34000 andSC 34999. Makes a smooth, clean cut without unraveling the ropes. The following diameters can be cut with this wire cutter: hardened spring steel up to 2 mm, softer steel wire, hard wire ropes of stainless steel (strand 7x19) to 2.5 mm, medium-soft wire ropes stainless steel (wire 7 x 7) up to 3 mm, in exceptional cases up to 4 mm, soft wire stainless steel (wire 7x19) up to 4 mm, soft aluminum ropes, etc. to 5 mm. For occasional use. Please refer as needed to our general information oncable cutters.


Please Note

This wire cutter is not as suitable for continuous or even frequent use as the Felco SC 34000 shears or the SC 34999; the cutting edge of steel is made of lower quality. More force is required when cutting. After approximately 20 (4 mm rope) or 50 cuts (3 mm rope), the force required for cutting increases even more (due to dullness of blades). Depending on the rope diameter, a few hundred cuts are then still possible. Riveting issues do not occur at all due to the design. 



Made in China