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Pro Plus - Hammer Drill Bits SDS Plus, HB 44444

Hammerbohrer Booster-Plus von Diager / Made in France

Product sheet

Description / Price

Three edge-carbide hammer drill bits with SDS-Plus holder, type 'Booster Plus' Profi Plus quality at competitive prices due to high purchasing volumes. Drilling diameter 6 - 12 mm, as special size 16 mm. Mono block carbide head, precise drilling thanks to centering point, no pre-drilling required. Long life: about 1,500 holes per bit. Withstands rebar hits in concrete, the reinforcing steel is smashed and removed, no more stalling or running away of the drill. Spacious and stepped triple helix with 'Shake' feature for optimum removal of drilling dust. Certified with PGM (Masonry Drill Bit Certification Board) and approved for heavy-duty dowels. Set as single bit in space-saving, transparent Quadro Pack polypropylene, making it suitable for taking it in the Drill case. Subsequent hammer drill bits are available as set and individually : TL mean total length / WL working length (= max drill depth):


  • HB 44444, all four Hammer drill bit Set - Price

  • HB 06110, d = 6 mm, TL/WL = 110/50 mm - Price

  • HB 08160, d = 8 mm, TL/WL = 160/110 mm - Price

  • HB 10160, d = 10 mm, TL/WL = 160/110 mm - Price

  • HB 12160, d = 12 mm, TL/WL = 160/110 mm - Price



High-quality tool for rotary hammers up to 5 kg. For assembly of Easy, Light and Medium kits in concrete (with / without reinforcement, rebar), exposed brickwork and plastered brickwork, possibly drill there without percussion. Only after cleaning drill wells holes with a down hole brush and then blowouts will it allow for high adhesive forces. Please use the general information about Hammer drills.



With prolonged use (drilling of many holes) additional grease must be provided for proper lubrication of the drill chuck.



'Made in France' by Diager. Diager is the European market leader in rock drill bits and is exported worldwide. The patented 'Booster Plus' is more than 10 years the flagship of the company and is the first place in the catalog. Due to its extraordinary success are now offering other manufacturers similar three-edge hammer drill bits.

Vier Hammerbohrer im Set
Hammer drill bit set in open Quadro Pack
QuadroPack für Bohrer
Closed Quadro Pack
The 'Booster Plus' is a three-edge drill bit