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Other types of climbing plant trellises

FassadenGrün mainly sells smaller rigid trellises for walls or "wall trellises". Use the overview to compare the trellises. The scope of possibilities is limited by the size of the grids, but other types of grids can be used for larger wall surfaces, like meshed-mats or grid-modules. There is also a wide range of free-standing grids and protective grids available in the market. You will find several ideas on this page on how to build large trellises, with examples to help with your own planning!

Metal trellis for climbing hydrangea
Compact metal growing grid

Small wall grids

From "stainless-steel" to "rust"

Grid system for plants

Fence panels

For large surfaces

Grid system "Polygrün"


Design freedom

Forged trellis

Protective grids

Using other structures as a plant training aid

Standing metal trellis for climbing plants

Standing grids

Flat or tri-dimensional