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Protective Grids as Climbing Aids

Protective grids for climbing plants are often used in public areas. If they are large enough, such forged steel grids or rod constructions can directly be used as a trellis or support for green climbers. An additional wall trellis is then not necessary. Please note: FassadenGrün sells trellises, but no protective grids.

Protective grids for roses
Protective grids for roses
Small forged grid to protect a climbing rose
Forged grid
Protective grid for clematis that also serves as a climbing aid
Semicircle grid
This climbing rose doesn't have an extra climbing aid other than this high protective grid.
Protective grid for rose
Protective grid for roses, German city Sangerhausen
Grid for roses
Forged protective grid for a rosebush
Historical forged grid
Climbing grid and protective grid combined