Privacy Protection

“FassadenGrün” assures that personal customer data is only used for obvious and legal purposes. Customer data is only saved for as long as individually necessary. FassadenGruen only requests and requires data necessary for package delivery / shipping transactions, such as shipping / mailing address, invoice address, email address and telephone number for possible consultation and return calls. Any further data such as date of birth, bank details, or credit card number are not required.


“FassadenGrün” is obliged to handle your data confidentially as is stated in the German BDSG (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz) and the TDDSG (Teledienstdataenschutzgesetz). The data is processed during the order transaction, saved, and sent to companies involved in the course of business. The data is mostly transferred to the parcel services / companies or (by non-fulfillment the financial obligation) collection agencies. The extent of transferred data is limited to a necessary minimum. A transfer of data to a third unauthorized party, e.g. for advertising purposes, is ruled out.


However, if you arrive on the website through one of our Google Adwords ads, a cookie is put into your web browser (unless the use of cookies is deactivated). This cookie allows us and Google to know if our ads generate conversions. The cookie can't be used to personnaly identify you, only general statistics and keywords are gathered.


As a customer, you have the obligation to state truthful data. You also have the right of information, the right to block and delete your individual, saved data.