Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



I am in the online shop as a guest and putting together a shopping cart. Will I lose my cart when I exit the shop?

Yes. Please login as a private user. Then the content of your shopping cart will be saved as soon as you leave the site.


Will I receive unbidden advertisement or newsletters etc. if I login as a private customer?

No, nothing of the sort. Please also review the page “Data Protection”.


What should I do if I am not available under the number I state during log-in (due to work etc.)? Can I still log-in as a costumer?

Yes. Please state your home phone number and write behind it when you are available (e.g. after 7 pm). FassadenGruen usually only calls if there is a problem with payments or deliveries.


Why do I have to give a home phone number? Isn’t a Mobile number enough?

Sometimes invoices are lost or customers forget to pay. If we try to contact the customer after 2-3 months, the number may not be official or available anymore. Under specific circumstances payment in advance is an option. Please ask us.


While visiting the online shop I noticed that the website doesn’t have a secure connection (HTTPS). Is the website and the data secure or not?

The website has a safety certificate that works on all bowsers and all mobile devices. Should you get an error report please contact us. At the moment certain circumstances prevent us from adding a SSL encryption to our website. We are in the process of preparing our website for the encryption. We should be finished before spring 2017. If you are still cautious and don’t want to convey any data online, feel free to order via phone, email or order form.


I want to order are large amount of wall mounts of the same typ (ca. 80 pcs.). Will I get a discount?

Yes, but not automatically. Discounts are exceptionally possible. For instance, if your total order price is 1,000 or 2,000 €. Please contact us in such a case.


We would like to order wall mounts and wire rope but we don’t have the confidence to assemble it ourselves. How do we find a specialist company for the assembly?

In this case please contact us before ordering. We may know a company in your area. Otherwise try building fitters, façade builders / construction companies or garden landscape contractors. It may be favorable for all involved, if the contractor orders the supplies directly from FassadenGruen and then offers you a complete service.


For our project we have collected an offer from a contractor that seems too expensive. Can you suggest another company?

Possibly, yes. If we have had contact with a company in your area we would be glad to forward you their contact info. However, FassadenGruen does not take influence on the pricing of partner companies. What you can do is arrange a personal contribution with the contractor. Planning measuring and marking the drill points and eventually cleaning up afterwards so that the company only needs to drill and assemble the components. From experience you can save up to around 10 – 30 % installation costs


We live in a remote area without a bank and we don’t have online-banking. We would like to pay on delivery. Is this possible and are there any additional charges?

Yes, payment on delivery is an option. However, pay on delivery and pay in advance are not standardized options in our online shop. You will need to contact FassadenGruen in this situation. FassadenGruen only passes on costs that occur from the parcel services (in Germany ca. 6,- euros). Please keep in mind the extra effort parcel services need to put in. The procedures are time consuming and expensive. FassadenGruen does not charge anything for the paperwork included at our end.


Ordering from Abroad


Do the prices also count for foreign countries?

As long as you are simply browsing through our shop as a guest, you will see gross prices that include the German sales tax (19%). Once you login, you give in your country. If you are ordering from a country within the European Union, the prices stay the same. German sales tax is calculated. Otherwise there are no extra costs or import charges.

Ordering from countries not included in the European Union, customers will see lower prices. These are net prices, not calculated with the German sales tax. FassadenGruen invoices customers with these prices. At the same time we will inform you via email about import costs and custom costs that are payed directly to the parcel service on delivery. So all in all, customer from say Switzerland pay about the same gross prices as a customer from Germany or the European Union would pay.


Ordering from Belgium, the shipping costs are 12.80 euros. There must be some mistake!

Sadly no. We invoice customers with generalized shipping costs from within the European zone. Here it doesn’t matter how heavy the order is.


Special Problems concerning Business Customers


We just logged in as a business customer but we are seeing gross prices in the shop. What is wrong?

It could be a simple technical problem e.g. the shops automatic verification of your ID-number. Please contact us via phone or email and we will give you immediate access to net prices and fix your account.


Simply printing out the online shops shopping cart isn’t enough basis for an offer for a customer. Are there any other options?

FassadenGruen will support and help as best we can, by making a draft and sending product lists for the specific project. On demand we can send you an active excel-pricelist of all our products with little thumbnail pictures for better orientation. The list is company neutral, so you can insert prices of your own, delete unnecessary products making a solid offer for end customers or planning committees. We can also provide you with a data set of detailed service descriptions and example prices. You may us these for free but only for agreed and discussed purposes.


Is import without tax possible for our company in Austria?

Yes, but not directly through the online shop. When doing B2B (business to business), information on tax administration from the involved European Union country needs to be obtained or checked. Please contact us directly in this case.