Standard Shipping / Payment

Pricing doesn't include shipping costs. The following shipping conditions apply to all orders:

Standard Shipping Germany

Orders up to 18,00 Euro, shipping costs 3,80 Euro

Orders up to 500,00 Euro, shipping costs 5,80 Euro

Orders beyond 500,00 Euro, free shipping

Standard Shipping to European Union and Worldwide

EU countries and UK: 7,79 EUR / 7.00 GBP

Switzerland: 11,03 Euro

Worldwide (such as Israël, USA, Canada): 27,59 EUR / 33,66 USD

Special conditions for small orders or re-orders are also possible for shipments outside Germany.

Payment Methods

Normal payment with PayPal or credit card is available at the end of the ordering process.

Delivery on account is also possible (invoice is in a red sleeve inside the package). If this option is selected the payment will be done by bank transfer after reception of the order.